Friday, June 25, 2010

Review of Diana Symons'
Where the Jewels Are

Back Cover:
How do you say No to a Princess who has everything? This Princess has a wise Father who sends her on a journey to find the one thing she doesn’t know she’s missing.

My thoughts:
A delightful children's book that I predict will become a family favorite. The usual tale of a child with everything, but who wants more. The Princess also has a wise-enough father to know how to deal with his child. I loved how Diana brought in the father's wisdom in sending servants to watch over his daughter: something we don't realize till the ending.

The servant child is a sweet person willing to do her duty in making the Princess happy. Fortunately, the Princess must inherit some of her father's wisdom, because she learns a valuable lesson that real jewels--real treasures--are our friends.

I happily recommend this wonderful book to anyone who wants to give their child a good read. Looking forward to your next one, Diana!


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