Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Meet My New Friend, Carie Lawyer!

Leave a comment and your email address for a chance to win Carie's e-book, Beyond Summer. If you love a good romance, you won't want to miss a chance to win this one.

How long have you known that you were a writer? Did you receive a clear “call?” Or have you just loved writing all your life?

My first attempt at writing was in high school. That manuscript hit the trash when I went to college. As an adult, there was definitely an "ah-ha" moment when I knew I had to try to write a novel. But I've always loved to read. And still, I always have a book going.

What is the genre you write in? Would you explain what it is?

Christian romance. It all starts with a man and a woman, and God's divine plan.

How do you spend your writing days? Do you set goals to reach a certain number of words per day? Can you give us a general idea of how long it takes you to write a novel?

I typically try to set aside an hour a day. My goal is a thousand words a day. About once a week I try to get in a two to three hour block. It probably takes about eight months to finish a novel, give or take depending on when the deadline is.

Tell us about your new book. What is the spiritual message in it? What can readers expect to get from reading it? How and where can readers buy your book?

Beyond Summer is the story of Carly Stevens, a beautiful woman with two daughters, who becomes a nanny for Zane McCord, who has very good reasons to mistrust beauty. There are several layers of messages, but the bottom line is forgiveness. Zane finds out that the hardest person to forgive is yourself and until you let go of old mistakes, those unresolved feelings will interfere with God's intended blessings. Beyond Summer is only available in ebook format, but it is available through a variety of websites such as,,,

Do you ever feel like giving up? Most people don’t understand the stress, the work, and the joy of being a writer. How tenuous becoming a writer is. Do you care to share how it feels, what discouraging/encouraging times you’ve gone through?

Absolutely there are times I want to give up. The point when I was most discouraged with writing, I laid it on the throne and told the Lord if it wasn't what he'd planned I'd give it up. I just wanted to be clear because it is something I LOVE. Later that week, I got a call that Beyond Ever After (the next book in the Twisted Roots Series) had finaled in a contest for unpublished writers. It was as if He had just put an arm around me and said, "Just keep doing what your doing."

Who’s inspired you the most?

I belong to a wonderful writer's group, Middle Tennessee Christian Writers. The people in that group are wonderful inspirations. There a few who are published, and some who are pre-published. But it's been a very encouraging and supportive group.

Would you explain how you “chose” (or were chosen by) a publisher? Do you just go “inny, minny, miny, moe?”

I found out through an ACFW loop that Desert Breeze was accepting manuscripts so I sent mine in. For me it definitely wasn't "inny, minny, miny, moe." It was more like, "Oooh, ooh, pick me, pick me." Hand waving madly, bouncing in my seat.

LOL. We all feel that way! Now, that you’re published, can you sit back and relax from the success you’ve experienced?

No, now it's working toward deadlines, which I love. In all my conversations with God about writing, I can remember asking for a publisher just so I had a good reason to prioritize writing. It's much easier to carve out time to write when I can say, "I've got a deadline coming up."

Do you mind telling us some of your likes and dislikes? Hobbies, interests? Where would you like to travel if you could?

I have four wonderful children and a husband. They are my favorite likes. But I also like chocolate and coffee (preferably together), a fire, a good book, playing cards. I dislike the news and flying. What's really awful about hating to fly is that there are so many places I'd like to go. I'd love to see Ireland, Greece, Fiji, the Grand Canyon. One day...

You recently had a book published. How and where can readers buy your books?

They can buy them anytime on Amazon,,,

Would you give us your blog or webpage so everyone can check it out? Anything else you’d like to share? Promotional information?

My website is It has a couple of snippets and summaries of the books in the Twisted Roots series. I'd love for readers to stop by.

Thanks so much for having me today. You have a wonderful blog and I am very fortunate to be here!

I'm so thrilled to have you, Carie, and I wish you much writing success!

Don't forget those comments and email addresses, readers.


Karen said...

Loved the word picture of "Ooh, Ooh, Pick me!" Thanks for introducing us to Carie!

Kathryn Page Camp said...

There's no question that a good writers' critique group is a blessing. Mine is secular, but I don't know what I would do without it.

Katie M said...

Sounds like a good read - I'd love a chance to read it!

- Katie


Carie said...

I'm wiping the flour off my face. I don't know about you, but I've spent the day making pies, stuffing and appetizers for tomorrow. Can't wait. I'm so excited to have the family coming over. Thanks again for having me on your blog today! It was a fun interview.

Linda Kish said...

Thanks for the chance to win this ebook.

lkish77123 at gmail dot com

jacque said...

I love this interview! 1000 words a day!
Thx for the giveaway..

Charlotte Kay said...

This book sounds like a good read!
I truly enjoyed the interview!
chakasa58 at gmail dot com

Martha A. said...

I am always ready to try a newer author! martha(at)lclink(dot)com

Katie M said...

Looks like I am the first! Well, I would love to win this book! It sounds like it would be a good read!

Katie M


Nonners said...

OOOOooooo, I've never heard of e-book before. I'd love to!!! Sounds wonderful too!

perhapsthatsridiculous at gmail dot com

Ewa said...

I'd love to read it!


Caroline said...

Thanks so much, lovely ladies, for your comments.

Judylynn said...

I'd love to read this book!


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