Friday, April 01, 2011

Important Ways to Up Your Web Presence

  1. Develop a content-rich newsletter, the kind that readers will deeply benefit from.
  • Newsletters that just talk about you, your book, your stuff can get very boring and go in the trash bin.
  • Writing articles in your newsletter that help change someone's life will benefit your reader
  • If a reader likes it, he will forward it.

    2.  Place a sign up button on the upper right hand side of your blog or website.

    3,  Make a goal to up your subscriber list to a certain number by the end of the year.

    4.  Begin speaking at a local level. As you progress, start crossing state boundaries.

    5.  Write articles with your byline (including website).

    6.  Learn how to craft a Press Release.
  • If you've become an expert in something, craft a press release about that and send to local radio stations.
  • Finding a newsy tie-in to your story will greatly increase your media exposure.
    7.  Teach in other venues: schools, libraries, community colleges.
    8.  Reconnect with your alumni association.

    9.  Brainstorm your professional affiliations.
    10. Start a content-rich blog, and post frequently.
  • Link to other blogs.
  • Comment on other blogs.
More next week!


1 comment:

Jan Christiansen said...

Great tips! Planning to go down the list and implement some of these. Thanks for dropping by my blog, too!

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