Friday, September 16, 2011

Good-by, Mary, My Friend

A slice of my life . . .

Four years ago I met Mary. When she asked me if I wanted to join her critique group, I said, "Let's give me a trial run." Well, that trial run, turned into a longlasting friendship.

Mary was an encourager. She was a great critiquer, giving it all she had to help make my manuscript all it could be, but her best talent lay in encouraging her critique partners. Her prayers and blessings and wishes on us all were gifts that we cherished. We could always count on Mary to see a blessing in whatever trial we were going through.

Cancer finally caught up with her, but not her spirit. She was her cheerful, chipper self right up to the last.
Along with another critiquer in our group, I had Mary on my mind off and on for days.

I've lost a dear friend, but heaven's gained a sweetheart. Good-by, Mary, I'll see you again . . . someday.



Roseanna White said...

She will indeed be sorely missed.

jill said...

she looks like she has encouragement in her eyes. What a blessing to have such a friend.

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