Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Seven Things I Plan to Accomplish

What's in store for me this 2013?
I don't know but I do know I've set a few goals I hope to gain.
Here they are:

1.  Come up with a super marketing plan; something never tried before but guaranteed to sweep my book into the NY Times Best Selling ranks.

If that doesn't work, then come down out of the clouds and work hard at what's been tried and proven.

2.  Come as close to finishing as I possibly can at least two books I'm working on now. It'll take dogged determination. Do I have it?

3. Do all the edits coming up this year in a reasonable but speedy amount of time. A must!

4. Do some serious research on a novel I hope to begin soon. I've been putting this off even though I normally love research. It might help if it was a topic I wanted to study.

5. Check out publishers for our children's books series. Another seemingly endless tunnel. Gotta be done.

6. Improve my blog in looks and content. Since I'm technically challenged this is harder than it looks.

7. Work on increasing my faith in God. Just saying the words doesn't get the job done. Active prayer, Bible reading, and action on my part is required. And sometimes that action is just being quiet and listening.

That's enough for now and quite a list if even half can be reached.

What's your thoughts and goals for this year?
Want to share?

Happy New Year!

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