Monday, April 27, 2015

Monday Morning Gratitudes

My heart turns to gardening, and I'm thankful . . .

  • the redbud trees who share their purple blooms--lusciously!
  • my early spring flowers who defy the cold and late snows and wind. Stalwart.
  • my bradford pear trees lining the driveway: they systematic in welcoming us home after every errand-run, duty-run adventure away from home
  • my bleeding hearts who assure me there is beauty even in the midst of heartache
  • Ah, the lilies of the valley--HE surely is!
  • the daffadils who continually show sunny faces
  • the prospect of reworking my gardens this year--big coming up job, but hopefully improvement!


1 comment:

Ann Ellison said...

Love this time of year with all of the beautiful flowers and green trees and grace.

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