Wednesday, August 12, 2015

REVIEW from the Wakulla Prison . . .

In one of the writing and promoting groups (John 3:16) I'm with,
we have a prison ministry of sending our books to the inmates 
at the Wakulla Prison in Florida.
This inmates read the books and write reviews on them.

I recently send two of mine to our coordinator to forward on to them.
Here's the first review I received on my book: 
With Music in Their Hearts.
It's the first book in my WWII Spies trilogy.

I was delighted with the review,
not just because of the praise,
but because the book seemed to touch Lon's heart,
and after all,
that's one reason I write!

Read on . . .

With Music in Their Hearts by Carole Brown
Review from Lon

This book has it all - romance, mystery, music, history and intrigue! A very well written story that transport me to the 1940s. The characters are amazing and mysterious. Carole Brown is a master storyteller. The plot was excellent and kept me guessing right u to the end.

The blending of such a diverse cast was wonderfully done. As I read, my feel for them bounced from joy, to sadness, to anger, to confusion, to compassion and empathy. So many surprises, and it got better as the story progressed. The cast of characters was very real and believable. I recommend this book to anyone.

To me, the most profound thing was Emma Jaine’s learning to trust God in very difficult situations. It touched me to watch her developing trust in God, and overcome her skepticism and doubt. A very inspiring character, Emma Jaine’s recognition that she needed God’s help to truly love and understand her family and to love others.

May you be as blest as I was in reading this review!

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