Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Tidbits and Updates!


Book Two of the Denton and Alex Davies mystery series

if off to my publisher's desk.
Within days, I should have a PDF 
for my endorsersto read! 

* * *

Just wanted to give a huge SHOUT OUT
to my hero, best friend, lover, sweetheart, 
my favorite person in the world, father of my children
greatest grandfather in the world--my hubby!

August 6th is our anniversary.
I love him more deeply than I did years ago when we married!
Love you, Danny!

Here's a few pictures of him:
Hubby on the right, right before the marriage ceremony of Son #2

Setting up the tent -- camping with grandson Jonathan in N.C.

Hubby with his last birthday cake I made him.
Can you tell he loves M & Ms? 

Danny a month or so after grandson Jonathan was born

And finally, Danny and me on our big day! 
What kids we were! Lol

* * *

You might want to check out the fantastic 
Grace Awards Summer Book Bash 
Going on RIGHT NOW! 

Lots of great books 
including mine (of course!)

Here are the links:

What's up next in my book work?
Smiling . . .


  • a very light romantic suspense series about THREE friends.
  • hopefully the second book in my WWII series called: A Flute in the Willows! Watch for it!
  • Tons of others on the list. :)

Heaps of blessings for all of you. Have a wonderful rest-of-the-summer. 


Sherry Carter said...

I can't wait for Bat Crazy! Tell your publisher to hurry up! :)

Caroline said...

Lol, Sherry Carter. Soon!

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