Friday, September 11, 2015

Just When I Think I've Lost Confidence In Man's Trustworthiness . . .

Yeah, trusting folks that we are, cautious and prayerful about major decisions, abundantly wary over people who seem scam-ish--we "got taken" this summer.

Normally, we would have pulled away immediately.

Our antennas would have been quivering with suspicions . . .

Why weren't they?

They were.

But I ignored mine for a variety of reasons. It doesn't matter what those reasons were. The big question I had was: WHY?

  • Why did I ignore the warning signs? 
  • Was I ignoring God's gentle touch to be careful here? 
  • Or was it God's way of getting my attention for an area in my life that was just a bit too unguarded?

What does matter is:

  • I've strengthened my spirit in being more guarded than ever in aimless trusting. 
  • I've determined that being a bit more pushy (in a Christ-like manner) can't hurt--at least me. If the other person wants to be offended, after I've listened to that "still small voice" then it's on them. 
  • I've learned to be even more careful to follow God's leading, and finally . . .
  • I've learned that I must keep and cherish the promises I've made to God. 
It was a hard lesson to learn, but somehow God has seen us through. Since then, I've felt God's presence and comforting touch and his wonderful peace. He's given me a calmness over the whole matter that regardless of the deceit and slyness I should have seen through, we will come through. 


Have you ever gone through an experience that, in hinder sight, seemed so foolish? How did you handle it, and how did you come through? 

Blessings to you in the awkward moments!

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Sherry Carter said...

There have been many times when I trusted someone with a confidence, only to be hurt terribly when they broke it. There have been a few times when I chose to move forward, ignoring God's warning signs. I admire you for cherishing the lessons God taught you, Carole.

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