Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Morning Gratitudes

What fun to have so many different people offer so many wonderful thoughts about what THEY love about Autumn! Isn't God good to give us the beautiful seasons of the year? Here's a few more of my gratitudes about Autumn:

Fun decorations: Lovely wreaths and hay bales and orange-colored lights. Scarecrows and apples and pumpkins too. Gourds and colored leaves and crysathemums, my favorite fall flower.

Baking all those sense-provoking goodies! Cookies--oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip and so many more! Pies--pumpkin and apple and cream pies. Yum! Chili--dearly love, and soups--wild rice chicken with hints of veggies in it, vegetable and corn chowder.

Traveling and Vacationing, especially in the northern states to see the beautiful color-changing trees, the rolling hills filled with harvested hay bales--round or square.

The Smells! Oh, my. The aromas from cooking. The wood smoke smells from grilling or cook outs.

Sweater Weather. I love sweaters, so when it's time to dig out my favorite, I love it! And it gives me an opportunity to look for one I can not do without! Lol

You have some fun Autumn things you're especially grateful for this season?


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