Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Five Things I LOVE about Autumn by Jamin Baldwin!

What fun to have my dear friend and critique partner, Jamin Baldwin on my blog this week! Read on to find what she loves about Autumn, and share your favorites too!

Five things I love about Autumn
With so many beautiful things its hard to choose, but here is what I have narrowed it down to.

A slow drive.
Once the leaves begin to change, I always enjoy a slow Sunday drive on a winding country road. Preferably one that includes plenty of rolling hills.

Chilly nights & a crackling fire
The perfect Autumn night includes:
A porch swing, a fire pit, a cozy flannel, a cup of your favorite warm brew and a good conversation with someone you love.

Harvest time!
The gathering of all our garden produce and storing it up for the winter, is a fun time in our home. We make everything from tomato juice and pickled peppers, to blackberry jelly and salsa. There's nothing like garden veggies in the dead of winter.

Soup is super!
My children are hearty soup eaters. Although chilli is a family favorite, I do love a hot bowl of potato soup. Or what my family calls 'Mullighan'
It includes: potatoes, ground sausage, and a veggie of your choice. We put green beans in ours, while my Mother prefers carrots in hers.(Don't forget to add plenty of basil)

While its sometimes too hot during the summer to really enjoy quilting, Autumn weather is perfect. Quilting always reminds me of my grandmother. It seemed as though she made quilts year-round. Often, when I piece together a quilt, I think of her.

And these are the things I love most about Autumn.

About Jamin:
amin Baldwin is a new, up-and-coming author whose writing interests span everything from historical romances to poetry and devotions. Along with home schooling her own children, she is also a volunteer in the children’s ministry at her church. The simplicity of country life is an insurmountable influence on all her writing endeavors. 

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