Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Morning Peace--The Sweetest Thing!

Isn't this the sweetest thing?

Be My Valentine

"Be My Valentine" it said,
Upon the arrowed heart of red,
 With its frill of paper lace,
Offered her with awkward grace.

He longed with tender words to show
He'd like to be her steady beau,
But all that he could do he found,
Was voice a muttered, stuttering sound.

Tubbed and scrubbed and polished neat,
From his cowlick to his feet,
He stood before her, heart in hand,
Trying to make her understand.

No words of love had she to say
Before she laughed and walked away.
For she was only half past four
And he was only one year more.

--Alice B. Johnson

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Sherry Carter said...

It is sweet! When my daughter was in preschool, she and one of her classmates asked me if they could get married when they grew up. I said that, if they felt a special love for each other when they were grown, they certainly could. They were so excited. I wonder where that boy is now.

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