Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tidbits of My Life: Cover Reveal and Your Bargain of the Month!

I'm thrilled to reveal the cover for my up-and-coming novel:
the second book in my Appleton, West Virginia Romantic Mystery series: 

What do I love about this cover?
* Love, love, love the apple blossom on the sign
* A warm, down home restaurant scene that captures a bit of the feel of the book's atmosphere
* Love the title. Can't you just imagine what's coming?
* Love the pink shades in the cover

NOW! Read on to enjoy a sample portion of this book:

Knight in Shining Apron 
Carole Brown 
 Chapter One 
Starli Cameron slashed off the last name on her list, the last possible candidate. She ripped the paper from the tablet, crumpled it and tossed her pencil to the tabletop just as the phone rang. 

Snatching up the receiver she struggled to control her voice. “Apple Blossoms. This is Starli Cameron. 

“Starlie-e-e. Now fancy the stupid, undevoted wife being such a huge success.” A pause. “Not quite fair, is it?” 

God, please, not again. Starli gripped the phone. “What do you want? Why are you calling me?” 

“Think you’ve got it made, don’t you? While Ryan is decaying in the ground, his devoted wife is playing the high-rolling, successful businesswoman to the tilt. You couldn’t even give him a son, could you?” 

Dear Lord, please help me. A knife twisted in her heart. “No. That’s not--” 

“Of course, it’s true.” The voice snapped, anger and threat resounding through it. 

“I have to make a living.” Desperation surged through her. She hated the whine in her voice. 

“What about the five hundred grand he left you? Remember that measly amount? Did you squander it? Hoard it?” 

Starli’s insides froze a little more. Was Roland Stratton, Ryan’s twin brother, after the money? Too late. It’d all gone toward opening this restaurant. She recognized the feelings raging through her. Anger, hurt, dismay, defeat. But she didn’t want to address them. Didn’t even want to acknowledge them. 

“I went back to school and started this restaurant. That took money--” 

“You’re as stupid as Ryan always said.” A coarse laugh grated through the receiver. “Too stupid to live. But you did, didn’t you, Starlie-e-e? Ryan died, but you lived. Look down at that ugly finger of yours, Starlie-e-e.” 

Starli’s gaze dropped to her left pinkie. The crooked one. The reminder. Fear thudded in her chest. 

“Do you need another reminder?” 

“No.” The single word exploded from her throat. 

The line went dead. He was gone. For now.

Now for the bargain of the month! And what a bargain! 

  • Anyone who reviewed Sabotaged Christmas, and you want to read Knight in Shining Apron, let me know, and I will send you as soon as it's released, a kindle copy FREE! Absolutely free. 
  • If you didn't read and/or review Sabotaged Christmas, you still have time to do that. It's a fun, easy read. Read, review, contact me. I'll send your FREE copy of Knight in Shining Apron as soon as it's released! 

Of course, I'd love to have your honest review of this second book. That goes without saying. So, are you interested? Here's my email to contact me, or leave a comment here, on this post. browncarole212 (at) yahoo (dot) com
No spaces.

Many wonderful days of reading!

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