Monday, November 07, 2016

Monday Morning Gratitudes

I try to be thankful every month, but this special month--November--encourages us especially to open our hearts to gratitude for all we have!

That God understands the "why" when we've prayed and have no answers.
That God has blest me with so much. I need to be more content!
That God allowed me, hubby, and grandson, Jonathan, a wonderful relaxing few days of vacation.
That God has kept our family relatively healthy!
That God allowed me once again to hear a wonderful missionary lady who works with young people and children, and I realize anew what all we have.
That our church showered us with gifts throughout October, showing us yet again we are loved.
That I have two wonderful sons who make my heart happy (most of the time! Lol)
That I have a four-year-old grandson, who brings me something and says, "Because you are special to me."



Arlene said...

That is a lot to be thankful for. We are not thankful enough or I am not.

Caroline said...

I need to be more thankful too, Arlene!

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