Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Sabotaged Christmas: A Finalist!

Sabataged Christmas1 front cover3

From the Book Excellence Board:
It is with great pleasure to announce that you have been selected as a 

Book Excellence Award Finalist 

for the following book and category:

Book Title: Sabotaged Christmas
Category: Fiction

There were hundreds of entries from around the world and your book was selected
for its high quality writing, design and market appeal. 

I’m excited, yes, and so thankful for this honor on the first book in my Appleton, West Virginia Romantic Mystery series! 
If you’re interested and would like to see what all the hoopla’s about or just want to get ready for some December holiday reading (although it can be read any time!), then go here:



Melissa Henderson said...

Congratulations! :-)

Arlene said...


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