Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sunday Morning Peace: Bits of Advice

Today, I want to share tidbits of advice from others
who we hope learned lessons they've shared with us.

A thorough knowledge of the Bible
is worth more than a college education.
--Theodore Roosevelt

If you have to have a policy manual,
publish the ten commandments.
--Robert Townsend

If you walk, walk,
If you sit, just sit,
But whatever you do,
don't wobble.

The scriptures teach us the best way of living,
the noblest way of suffering,
and the most comfortable way of dying.
--John Flavel

If you tell the truth,
you don't have to remember anything.
--Mark Twain


1 comment:

Arlene said...

Those were great sayings. We all need to abide by.

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