Wednesday, January 17, 2018

January Contest and Reasons to Read

Why Read?

* Pleasure. What fun to find an author whose books we love!
* Relaxation. What better way to lose ourselves in a book from the discouraging, disappointing things going on in our lives?
* Keeps us mentally healthy. Reading a mystery/suspense?
Our mentality improves vastly by imagining who's the villain?
Romance? Our heart yearns for a satisfactory ending... And more!
So Read, Read, Read! 

The first contest of the Year!
January, 2018


Name one thing that is good about 
this winter in January, 2018

Oh, yeah, you want to know what you get?

or this:

Already read these?
Then you can pick one of my other books
or wait till my next book is out 
(Toby's Troubles, an Appleton, WV Romantic Mystery)

How's that for a Beautiful, wintry contest?

(I will choose a winner by January 31st!)


Lucy Reynolds said...

One thing that is good this cold winter in WV is I have a heated throw, coffee or tea, and books. Thank you for the chance. Blessings

Unknown said...

Lots of reading time.

Deana said...

One good thing about the cold winter is children get to stay home safe and warm with their families. Companies close so their employees are safe, thank you for the chance.

Deni said...

We live in Colorado and we enjoy the cold and snow. Many of our crops need the cold and the snow provides water when it thaws.
God provides.

Robbye said...

One nice thing about this winter is we got some snow (actually for the South we got a lot, 10 inches to be exact). My favorite thing about Southern snows is it doesn't stay on the ground long because the weather warms up again fairly rapidly!

When we get the really cold days, like we have had recently, I like to curl up with a warm blanket, footies, hot Dr Pepper and a good book. (I'm happy to say, every book of yours that I have read has been GREAT!!)

Good luck to everyone!

(robbyefaye (at) gmail (dot)

Anonymous said...

We got some snow in early December (a rarity in Texas) and hubby got another snow day (actually an ice day)in January. Blessed to have plenty of heat and food. You don't get out in the ice here, it's too dangerous and we don't have the equipment to manage the road ice. We just shut down. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity.

Unknown said...

There were several good things in January 2018. One of which was I got to babysit my grandkids while their furnace was being fixed. I kept them part of the first week of January, then a week or so later when the furnace went out I kept them again. They are such a fun mixture of logic , mischeviousness, adventure, etc.

Caroline said...

Thank you, ladies, for all the comments! It makes me sad to have to pick just one...BUT each month, I'll be having a new contest--join in and spread the word!

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