Sunday, January 07, 2018

Sunday Morning Peace: Winter Blues or Snuggie-ness?

Yes, it's winter.
It's cold, snowy, wintry weather.

Introducing the first contest of the Year!
January, 2018


Name one thing that is good about 
this winter in January, 2018

Oh, yeah, you want to know what you get?

or this:

Already read these?
Then you can pick one of my other books
or wait till my next book is out (Toby's Troubles, an Appleton, WV Romantic Mystery)

How's that for a Beautiful, wintry contest?

(I will choose a winner by January 31st!)


Ann Ellison said...

Staying in because of the cold and having some good reading time.

Christina Ratliff said...

I have your book to read on the cold days when it's to cold to go out!! The book is a great one if I may add!!

Irene Smith said...

Frost glistening in the morning sun!

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