Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Great Day in the Morning! and a CONTEST WINNER

Are you one of those individuals who get up at the crack of dawn?

Confession time: I am. Or at least, most of the time. I love rising and knowing I've got a whole lovely day ahead of me. Fresh and brand new, ready for me to go at it with renewed strength and vigor.

Let me tell you what I like about the early mornings.

  • The misty dawn sliding up over the hilltops. We live in the hills--not mountains--hills. I don't know if there's anything more lovely than waking and seeing that beautiful blue-gray mist hanging over a valley.

  • Then there are the animals. They waken, and those dependent on us for their nurture--come bounding--big and small alike--awake and crying out for their sustenance of the day. "Feed me. Feed me." the spoiled animals say. And we caring humans bow to their demands. Their innocent and loyal faces ready and waiting patiently--or impatiently--whatever the case.
  • I love the dew on the summer grass, getting my toes wet or my nose when I bend to smell the roses. I love the new layers of snow--untouched and clean from the night's storm.
  • I like starting anew with a fresh aspect on the day. Sometimes it only takes a night time to clear my brain of a confusing jumble of hesitation, to know what to do about a situation. I like to start my writing of the day with the new idea that came to me in the night.
  • I love the sleepy sound of birds beginning their morning songs. I like the sound of my coffee dripping into its pot. I like the tingle of coldness on a winter day before the house warms enough to take away the crispness. I like the patter of raindrops on my roof and on my umbrella when I need to dash around here and there.

Now you see why I titled this meandering post as I did. 
It's because I thank God for mornings.


It's my pleasure to announce April's Winner! 

Congratulations to...


You have one week to contact me with your addy.

Happy Reading, folks,
join in
and don't forget to spread the word
for May's contest.
(beginning next Wednesday, May 2nd)

Happy Reading!


Lucy Reynolds said...

Thank you so very much. Sent an email. Hugs

Melissa Henderson said...

I enjoy listening to the birds singing in the morning. What a blessing to hear them joyfully singing! :-)

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