Sunday, April 15, 2018

Sunday Morning Peace: Three Things in Life


I read this recently and thought it was good. Think about this:

Three things in life, once gone, never come back:

  • Time
  • Words
  • Opportunity
Three things in life that can destroy a person:
  • Anger
  • Pride
  • Unforgiveness
Three things in life that are never certain:
  • Fortune 
  • Success'
  • Dreams
Three things that make a person:
  • Commitment 
  • Sincerity
  • Hard work
Three things in life that are most valuable:
  • Love
  • Family and friends
  • kindness
Three things in life that you should never lose:
  • Hope
  • Peace
  • Honesty
Three things that are truly constant:
  • Father
  • Son
  • Holy Spirit

Have a wonderful day!

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