Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Serious Wednesdays: Stuck?

On Passionate Writing

Feeling hopeless?

Don't be!

 * If you're discouraged that you can get no
editor or agent interested,
you have options!! 

Not everyone needs to go the traditional route.
Consider and pray about the journey God wants you on.

* If you're feeling blue because you've reached a plateau in your writing 
and you have no clue how to proceed...
Here's some ideas:
Re-read what you've written. Take notes. 
Ask some questions: 
1.  What is the worst thing that can happen to my character(s)?
2.  What is the best thing that can happen to my character(s)?
3.  Ask a bunch of "what if" questions
4.  Consider taking a different direction in your manuscript.
5.  Talk with a close friend and ask them for some suggestions.
You don't always have to use their thoughts, 
but it could spark some ideas in your head, 
or you could branch off from an idea they spoke of

And, last:
Remind yourself for whom you're writing
and the reason you're writing.
Take a break. 
Sometimes a space of time, 
freeing your mind with a different occupation 
will rest your enough to refresh your inspiration!

Just never give up!

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