Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Serious Wednesdays: When It's Time to Stop Writing

Pressured with too much to do has been my overall emotion this year. A good year, yes! But
when writing seems to be wearing instead of fun and satisfying, then something is wrong. 

  • I've known it's hindered my writing. Blocks, instead of a steady inspiration to write. 
  • Concentration shot when I should be able to do better at tracking my plots.
  • Lackadaisical approach instead of a steady work habit of hitting the keyboard.
The pressure was getting to me. But what to do?

Some of my problem was my inflexibility. I like to have a plan and stick to it. If I want to have a book done in a certain time, I hate when I miss my self-appointed deadline. I should be able to go at break-neck speed regardless of how much is on my plate.

But I can't always do that. 

So...last week, I made a gradual decision, and by that I mean, it didn't come at me all at once. I made one decision that led to another, and finally the realization of the complete plan. 

I feel the pressure easing just a little.

So...when the pressure gets to be too much--STOP!

If that means taking a short hiatus in your writing, whether an hour or a week or months, do it. 
  • Breathe. Focus on stretching, Pull in those deep breaths and release them slowly. Walk around the house or outside and take in the sight. Allow your mind to empty of what needs to be done and think on your blessings.
  • Do something fun! Read a new book, or one you've been planning to forever. Pick up that hobby you've ignored. Make a fun date with your hubby, wife or friend and refuse to talk about your writing. Take some pictures.
  • Play music you love. Shut your eyes, Think of the words or just listen to the sound. 
  • Do some volunteer work. Visit your grandkids. Take a short trip. Do some shopping. 
  • Finish a project. Paint that wall. Refinish that desk. Catch up on your scrapbooking. 
Whatever you can do to relax and replenish your body and soul, do it! However long it takes, do it!

You'll feel much more energized and enthused once you know it's time to get back to work--writing!

What's your go-to thing to revive your spirits?

Here's to A New Writing YOU!

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