Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sunday Sunshine: Seven November Blessings

The blessings just keep coming!

Sunday:  The freedom to praise God
Monday:  My cups and mugs that bring a smile to my face
Tuesday:  My son, Dan, who is gentle-hearted and kind, a defender of the underdog, loves and respects his parents, and a hard worker.  Love this boy-man of mine.
Wednesday:  A sweet friend who is so much like me she could be my daughter. She's kind and good, loving and generous! Love her to pieces.
Thursday:  The good and healthy food God has allowed us to have. The bountiful table says it all.
Friday:  A hot tub that relaxes me when I'm tense, soothes my bones when they're weary, and gives hubby and I a few minutes to catch up and share.
Saturday:  The assurance and blessing of a home in heaven.

Psalm 66:20:  Blessed be God who hath not turned away my prayers, nor his mercy from me.


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