Wednesday, February 06, 2019

Serious Wednesdays: Keeping Winter Healthy

Keeping Winter Healthy

Viruses, influenza, colds, pneumonia are just part of the diseases and health issues we face every winter. Keeping healthy is not just an idea, but a necessary part of life--especially if you want to live a long and fruitful one. Here are a few ideas I've learned and integrated into my routines, but feel free to plan your own:

*  Learn that you don't have to "clean your plate."  Yes, most of us were taught that as a child, but that's not necessarily true. What helps me to eat less is:

  1. I try to place smaller portions on my plate. Most times, it's not going to be the last time I have the opportunity to enjoy an item I really like. 
  2. An old Japanese saying is: eat until you're pleasantly sated but not too full. Not only does my stomach thank me (because I'm not depressed with an overly full feeling), but your health will too.
I'm also trying to enjoy salads, more veggies and plenty of fruit throughout the week. Good thing I appreciate all of these! :)

* Exercise. Yeah, I feel like groaning too, but I'm doing my best to keep at it. One thing I had to realize was that I had to exercise the way I could do it. If I couldn't run a 5K, I could at least climb the steps several times a day. If I couldn't join a gym, I could use what I have on hand. For me, we're fortunate to have a few pieces of work out items. I use them as I can. 

* Relax. Stress is hard on my body. I'm trying to keep a more patient, more of an uplook, less worry and negative look. Hard? Yes. And I don't always succeed on this one very well. But health issues have encouraged to take this more seriously and I'm working at it. Prayer, Bible study, letting go of issues I can't change, focusing on pleasant things, counting my blessings: all these are helping. 

* Vitamins and oils.  I've done my research on vitamins, oils and other things that I feel I need for a healthy body. 
  1. I've researched and chosen, to the best of my knowledge, the best vitamins for me that I can afford to buy.
  2. I've researched and chosen a specific company that is the best in its field, with third party testing, the purest oils on the market today. 
Both of these items give me confidence that I'm using the best in the field today.

*  Cut out and back.  This, too, is a hard one, but one for me that's necessary. I've chosen a food plan that works for me and am willing to adjust it as necessary. Also, I've tried to cut back, not only on my portions, but also on what I eat and how often. 

One of the first things I learned (and also listened to others with experience in this) was too not deny myself a few treats or a reward now and then. So as much as I love ice cream, I mostly limit my intake of that, to two times a week, mostly on the weekends. Things like this help me feel more confident in what I'm doing, and hopefully, I'll make better strides in health and overall feeling.

Take the above for what it's worth. Figure out your own plan and go for it. If you stumble (as I do), well, don't give up. Rise and keep going. 

You'll feel better physically. You'll be more confident. And your body will thank you! 

Here's to better health! 


Arlene said...

Those are great rules to try to follow. Thank the Lord I am on the right track.

Sherry Carter said...

Great advice!
You are so right about not depriving yourself of treats. My favorite is Rocky Road ice cream. I bought some little bowls that only hold a small scoop. I'm surprised that a few bites satisfy me. I try to eat my treats at lunch or early afternoon so I have more time to work off the calories.

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