Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sunday Sunshine: The Love of a Child's Cat


My cat
is quiet.
She moves without a sound.
Sometimes she stretches herself into curving
on tiptoe.

Sometimes she crouches low
and creeping.
Sometimes she rubs herself against a chair,
and there
with a miew and miew
and a purrr  purrr  purrr
She curls up
and goes to sleep.

My cat
lives through a black hole
Under the house.
so one day I
crawled in after her.
And it was dark
and I sat
and didn't know
where to go.

And then-- 
round little lights
came moving...moving...toward me.
And there
with a miew and a miew
and a purr   purr   purr
My cat
rubbed soft against me.
And I knew
the lights
in the dark.
--Dorothy Baruch

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