The Adventures of Chipper

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The Adventures of Chipper
Learn why children of all ages love following the Adventures of Chipper and his animal friends.

Like other youngsters before them, Chipper and his friends want to prove their worth, their skills, and their strength. When accepting a dare from his friends causes Chipper to become injured, strange people and their animals capture and put him in a cage. Will Chipper’s family and friends be able to rescue him? Or will the people injure him more?
Chipper can’t believe his eyes as a delivery type truck pulls in the drive of Sunnybank farm. Two men jump out of the truck, tie up Chipper’s friend Sabre, the collie, and whisk him away to parts unknown. Chipper and Simon, the Siamese cat, know they have to do something and quick.  They jump on the antlers of their friend, the magnificent deer, and the trio follow the van ... and get into more trouble than any of them expected.

As if the animals on Sunnybank Farm don’t have enough problems-- with the neighbor cutting down his trees-- and the short water supply, Chipper overhears Jonathan say the egg count is down in the hen house. Investigation proves it's not that the hens have quit laying, but someone is stealing the eggs. With so many of the animals acting suspicious, how will Chipper ever find the culprit? 

When a tornado picks up Chipper and dumps him into a river, life may never be the same. While he continues to be as brave as ever, he doesn’t recognize his family or friends. Will they ever be able to help him remember them and restore their relationships? 
One day Chipper travels to a new area. He’s minding his own business and helping save others in the process, when a tragedy occurs. Empty, a small squirrel, dies.  Most of the residents of the city don’t know Chipper. Mean Haytrix blames Chipper for Empty’s death and brings the case to trial.

When little Jonathan's grandfather is hurt in the woods, Chipper accompanies Jonathan back to the farm to get help. But what they don't know is a big Bobcat is following them. Are the two of them brave enough to frighten the mean old cat away? 

A new strain of hydrophobia is spreading through the area. Some of Chipper's friends are sick. Little Jonathan introduces Chipper to his brothers, Blake and Wesley. They search far and wide for the elusive ingredients required for a cure. Evil John Henry IXL Baldo Leach sends his cronies to wreck the lab and steal the existing formula. Tip, the squirrel, is very sick and is sinking fast. Can they defeat the evil mad scientist?

One December evening, the Brown family have guests over for fun in the snow at Sunnybank Farm. When one of the children falls into a crack in the ice, Chipper acts quickly to rescue him. Taylor, Blake and Wesley rush to help. 

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