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Friday, September 21, 2018

Rambling Friday: Mistakes and Confessions

Who has never made a mistake?

I didn't see any hands go up, and if you did raise yours, I sincerely doubt you were being truthful. I couldn't raise mine, because, I'm afraid, I've made plenty of those things in my time. Oh, you wanna know what some of mine are, do you? Hmm.

Okay, here goes, but be sure to add at least one of yours in the comments! :)

  1. Fretting over things that may happen before they do. Oh, yeah, I'm one of those. Especially lately, though, God has been talking to me. Reminding me that usually those things I've imagined, don't happen. That a certain thing I'm praying about (and thinking 'this will never come to pass' may be happening right now, and here I am complaining. Again. Or: Trust me; it will all work out. 
  2. Judging. Oh-h-h, that's a mean one. But yep, sometimes, I will decide that it's why a certain unpleasant thing happened to so-and-so. Or that person has a problem (with me or someone else or God or whoever), and find out later that's not the case at all. They were busy, preoccupied, worried, sick, etc. I need to remember I've not walked in their shoes. Ever. Be kind!
  3. Being lazy. There are days when I don't FEEL like writing or cleaning or talking or anything else. That's understandable in a few ways, but if it gets to be a habit--then look out. Pretty soon the evening arrives, the weekend arrives, the year ends, and I have to ask myself, what have I done. Don't! Take steps to keep my enthusiasm up, to keep my determination intact, and my reason alive that to move forward, I must follow through on what I need to do. Do it!
  4. Impatient. Sigh. This is a hard one. I try to rein it in, to be patient for God's plan, for our plans, or life...but sometimes I don't succeed. I know what I like when decorating, what songs I like to sing, what food I enjoy the most, etc. To have to take the second choice doesn't set easily with me. I'm not saying I'm selfish. I'll wait on others at meals, happily making sure family and friends have what they need. I like giving gifts and encouragement to others. I want others to be happy and strive for that. But my own impatience is a sore test to me. 
By myself, I am a failure. I know that. God knows that.

God says:
1.  Do not be anxious for nothing.
but in everything with prayer and supplication
let your requests be known unto God.
And the peace of God which passes understanding
will keep your heart and mind in Christ Jesus.
Philippians 4: 6 & 7

2.  Judge not, that you be not judged.
For how you judge another, so you will be judged.
Why do you see a splinter in your brother's eye 
when you have a beam in your own eye?
Matthew 7: 1 & 2

3.  And whatever you do, do it heartily unto the Lord.
Colossians 3: 23

4.  Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart. 
Psalm 27:14

Good admonition? You bet! God always has the answers, and that's why I'm continuing to learn that turning to God for the answers I need in my own life is right there, waiting for me to claim the promises, the instruction and the rebukes that I need. 

How about you?

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Friday, September 14, 2018

Rambling Friday: Stormy Weather

I was a youngster when I saw the ball of fire tumbling down the hallway of our home. To say it was scary would be the truth!

Rainy days I enjoy for the most part. Storms, not so much. I've read too many articles of how dangerous lightning can be, how powerful tornadoes and hurricanes stand by a window and enjoy the view of lightning striking nearby trees and streaking across the dark sky.  Of hurricanes destroying cities and tornadoes whirling destruction in its path.

When I was thinking of the rain we've had for the past week, the thought came to my mind of the storms of life. Sometimes those are so powerful we feel we're bent over--like trees in an earthly storm--from the pressure, that we're sinking beneath the pounding waves, or being tossed or pounded about with every wind that blows our direction.

But what can we learn from that thought? What comfort can we take even in the midst of the storms of life?

In Ephesians 4:13 and 14, we learn that when we reach the state of unity of faith and grow in the knowledge of God to become mature, we'll no longer be children who are tossed to and fro by cunning and crafty people with deceitful schemes.

From Colossians 2:7a: When we've become mature Christians, we allow our roots to grow deep
within God's love and plan for our lives. We'll find our faith strong in the truth...

Colossians 2:7b:  When we grow in Christ, and allow our faith to be strong and firm in the Word of God, we'll find our hearts overflowing with thankfulness. In the midst of the storms of life, when the enemy of our soul pounds us, when the darkness seems overpowering, we can not help but catch that faint flicker of light that causes our souls to rejoice. He has not forsaken us. He has not forgotten us. He is here. With us. Never to leave us.

Hold fast to our anchor of life. We may never overcome the storms of the physical earth, but the fear of the storms of our spiritual life can be conquered!

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Serious Wednesdays: Christmas Angels: A Novella

Thrilled to announce my newest contribution 
to the writing world: 

Christmas Angels

A Novella, (set during WWII) 
is included in the Ohio anthology: 
From the Lake to the River.

Consisting of nine stories from nine Ohio authors, there is something for everyone! 

Set in Ohio, in the past and present, these nine short stories and novellas by Ohio authors cover a wide range of genres, topics, and locations. 

From Troy in the west to the 
North Coast and south-central Ohio. 
From Lake Erie to the Ohio River. 

From romance to YA adventure, 
with touches of mystery and humor. 
Dealing with historical events and situations, 
such as floods and the lasting effects of the Civil War. 
With characters involved in 
square dancing, theater, and music. 
Dealing with loss and danger, a second chance at love
 and taking a chance on love for the first time. 

Chances are good, no matter what you have a taste for reading, you'll find something to like. Welcome to a taste of the Buckeye State!

Here's the blurb for Christmas Angels:
Her mother called her a failure, and maybe she was. Her husband was gone—in the service, yes, but if he loved her—really loved her, why didn't he write? Or call? Or send the money she needed?

She was scared too, afraid of being alone, and though she loved this sweet little bundle of joy—her baby—well, was she smart enough and strong enough to raise her? She didn't mind doing without all the nice things she'd love to have, but not being able to provide luxuries like Christmas trees, ornaments and presents for her baby girl was beyond enduring.

What she needed was a miracle...and that wasn't going to happen.


Friday, September 07, 2018

Rambling Fridays: Make Overs

Not personal, but homes.

Inspiring. Easy breathing. Fun. Exciting. And a lot of other descriptive words to explain how I feel.

Sure, remodeling makes a mess. Dust. Dirt. Confusion. Disarray.

But, oh, the results!

Hubby and son are remodeling our house which needed some major and minor repairs. A few updates, some changes in the structure.

A few new windows. Dormer ones.

A coat--or two of paint. Colors?

New stuff to make it refreshing and a few treasured items to give it that homey feeling.

And I. Can't. Wait.

To the future!

Sunday Sunshine: Silence

Remember that silence  is  sometimes the best answer. --an Old Farmer's Advice