Friday, April 04, 2008

Oh, Blessed Day

Went to look at windows today for our addition. (It's kind of a few feet added on to make the room that will be our bedroom and my writing work room bigger. This is very much needed, not only because we NEED another bedroom now, but because I will lose what little sanity I have left if I don't have my own space. Laugh.

Anyhow, the windows. Hubby was thinking wide and narrow; I'm thinking more boxy than rectangle. I want plenty of sun and view and the feel of openness in this part. We've got a few more places to check to see what we can come up with. Sigh. As always, gotta go with what's best for the ole pocketbook!!

BUT . . . while getting ready to begin that room, hubby gave the family/living room a going over. Windows got spiced up (and I LOVE them. Those beautiful old-fashion fancy things--hold on--went to ask him--blocks of wood - rosetta wood blocks and they are totally adorable.) A new coat of paint and some rearranging of wall pics. Then, we were able to buy two new lights for this room that are awesome, they go so well with the woodsy, cabin-ish look I like right now.

Happy sigh. I do so love updates on the house!!!!

We've been busy, as you can read. Not much work on the writing today, but, hopefully, back to the grindstone (lovely as it is) tomorrow.

By the way, someone asked me if I missed my work. I loved it while I worked, but had been feeling for some time that I needed more time to write, so the answer? Nope. I'm too busy with my writing and keeping up with everything else.

Nothing can be so perfect when we possess it as it will seem when remembered. -- Oliver Wendell Holmes


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