Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Signs of . . .



Robins return, chirping away.
Frogs croaking making the evening.

Crocuses, irises, and daffodils refusing to stay in their winter prisons.
Trees budding, impatiently waiting to burst forth into glory.
Cold weather reluctantly giving way to warmth.

Thawed ponds.
Water plants peeking above the water line.
Pets wanting to explore the outdoors.
Seed and plant catalogs dogeared edges.

A gnawing inside me to get out.
The impatience to get to my flower beds.
Urges to plant, clear, smell, and dig in the dirt.

Fresh veggies in my dreams.
Full and cross-section of a ripe supermarket tomato

Green beans

Cucumbers grow on vines

Red radish

Thoughts of new flower beds.
Repairing the driveway.
Rainbows again.
Fields turning green.


The moment somebody says, "this is very risky," is the moment it becomes attractive to me. --Kate Capshaw



Arlene said...

Yes spring has arrived and I am glad. We are still having soon cool days and nights. I love the spring when everything is coming back to life. Keep up your good work.

Sharen said...

Yes!!!! Keep convincing us so we can believe it too.LOL
I'm still waiting......and longing.....and hoping.......and???

Caroline said...

I'm such a hopeless romantic nothing keeps me down for too-o-o long. LOL! Eternal hope, I guess!

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