Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Writers Blog Hop

Blog Hop – My WIP

Today I’m participating in a Blog Hop about what writing projects I’m working on!

My post follows after Tamera Kraft's blog post from last Wednesday, November 21st at She’s one of my dear friends and writes historical novels. She's also involved in children's ministry. Check out one of her sites.

Title: Caleb's Destiny

Where did the idea come from? I'd thought to enter a contest (and never did) which required a specific theme. Brainstorming with hubby, he came up with the plot for Caleb's Destiny. The heroine's name is Destiny McCulloch, and as a sidenote, was named after one of my husband's great niece's who passed away as a two-year-old baby (a little doll!)

Genre? Inspirational historical with touches of suspense and lots of romance.

Short Synopsis? As a child, Destiny McCulloch, is rescued by a young boy after watching her parents massacured by the Indians but is sent back east by the boy's father. Grown up, she heads west to find that young boy, never suspecting how hard the search will be. In the meantime, she's torn between three men: the reverend she left back east, the man who serves as her host, and the memory of a boy she can't forget.

Agency Representation? Diana Flegel at Hartline Agency

How long did it take to write that first draft? I’m still writing it but hope to have the first draft done soon. I usually work on more than one novel at a time, so it varies how quickly I finish one. I know some people find that odd, but it works for me. Keeps me on my writing toes, gives me a fresh perspective when I need it, and lots of fun.

What other books in this genre compare?

Any others in this genre? Not in this specific era of time, but I do have a book finished set in WWII (my favorite historical period) and plan on two more books in this WWII series. Caleb's Destiny is a set alone novel and very fun to write. The setting is late western 1800's.

Who or what inspired the WIP? Actually, my husband helped me come up with it (not the first time with ideas for a novel!) when I wanted to submit to a contest with a definite theme, but I never did. Instead, I'm working on it now, and hope someday others enjoy reading it as much as I've had writing it.

Anything to add? I love suspense writing and adding touches of romance, women's topics, mystery, current and important topics. What fun to get my characters in difficult situations and letting them work to get out of the trouble. I can't imagine not writing. Hard work, yes, but fulfilling.


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Tamera Lynn Kraft said...

Wow, combining historical and suspense, my two favorite genres. I can't wait to read it.

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