Friday, December 18, 2015

My Twelve Favorite Things I Love About Christmas! by Jodie Wolfe

Delighted to have my long time friend, Jodie Wolfe visit today and share her delights about Christmas. Read on for an entertaining list . . .

12 Things I Love About Christmas  By Jodie Wolfe

1. The weather turns colder and we have a better chance of snow. 
Okay, we haven't actually had any snow yet, but a girl can hope. :) We won't mention the fact that it's been much warmer than normal... instead I'm hoping and praying the temperatures drop and we get some Christmas snow!

2. The lights.
There's something special about the season that gets everyone in a holiday mood. Residences put up lights
and Christmas displays. Last night my husband and I drove around our neighborhood to see the beauty of lights. For us it's a reminder of Jesus, the Great Light that came into the world for us.

3. Decorations.
Along with the lights, the special Christmas decorations come out to grace trees, front yards, mantels, etc. While I haven't been able to bring out some of my favorites this year, I delight in seeing the simplistic charm of the things I'm able to display.

4. Cantata.
Our church choir performs a Christmas cantata ever year. I love being a part of the choir and being able to sing about my Savior's birth. While this isn't a photo of our choir, it does remind me of the joy of singing to the Lord.

5. The Crèche.
I love seeing around town the different nativity scenes that are placed on the lawns of folks and various churches too. The crèche is a reminder of what the season is all about. If you haven't ever read it before, pick up a Bible and read Luke chapter 2.

6. Special sights in town.
Every year before Thanksgiving, our town has a holiday parade. Before that takes place, the historical district of my town bedecks the street lights with greenery and lights that gives it a wondrous appearance. I love to drive along main street when it's arrayed in all its beauty.

7. The music.
Most years you'll find me starting to listen to Christmas music as early as July. Let's just say I love the music of the season. :) Even though I have quite a number of Christmas CD's to listen to, each year I add to my collection.

8. Goodies. :)
While I'm not always the greatest cookie baker, I enjoy the special foods of the season. My waistline may not always appreciate it, but it only comes once a year, right? LOL. I do enjoy special times with family and friends and often good foods are involved too.

9. Time.
While this is often tied with #8, I love being able to spend time with family and friends. Okay, I admit, sometimes the preparation beforehand can be stressful, but I'm blessed to have family and friends in my life and to be able to spend time with each other.

10. Christmas cards.
Most years I love writing out the Christmas cards. We've always written one of those newsy family letters
that share what has happened in our lives the past year. While we may experience many ups and downs, we always are reminded of God's faithfulness seeing us through each situation.

11. Joy.
The season is especially meaningful to me because of the reminder that Jesus is our Joy. If He hadn't come to the world as a baby we wouldn't be able to experience true joy.

12. Last, but most important - JESUS.
There would be no reason to celebrate the holiday if it wasn't for Jesus. He came into this world as a baby, to grow up to die on the cross for our sins, so one day we can live in heaven with Him. Our world needs a Savior. We.... you... I need a Savior.

Jodie got bitten by the writing bug as a young girl after reading and watching Little House on the Prairie. She loves writing stories about feisty heroines and strong, godly heroes. The power of story to influence lives and change hearts is what motivates her to weave tales that tell of the Savior’s faithfulness and forgiveness.

You can find her on FB, her website and other social media.


Jodie Wolfe said...

Thanks for hosting me again, Carole. :)

Sherry Carter said...

Jodie, I love that all your favorites have to do with light and the Light of the world! I thought I would scale back on the decorations once all the kids were out of the house but they're both in their mid-thirties and I'm still at it. I enjoy being a kid this time of year.

Caroline said...

It was a pleasure, Jodie!

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