Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sunday Morning Peace

. . . the shepherds said one to another, 
"Let us go even unto Bethlehem
and see this thing which has come to pass.
Saint Luke 2:15b



Sabotaged Christmas
Book Promotion ONE (Winter Wonderland) for this month 
has successfully finished! 

Winner was Tina Wilson
who won a print copy of Sabotaged Christmas
and TWO beautiful Snowmen hand towels! 

Runner up was Halita Wilson
won a kindle copy of Sabotaged Christmas!

Yeah, Ladies!


NEXT up is:

The Ides of Books.

AND here's the gifts for that promotion:

Winner wins a Print or Kindle copy of this book:


Two Snowmen hand towels

RUNNER UP wins a Kindle copy of
Sabotaged Christmas!

HERE's the link for more information 
AND for the BIG Giveaway right before Christmas!

Loving my readers! 

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