Thursday, December 28, 2006

Runny Noses and Love.

Sniff. Sniff. Blow. Cough.

No, that's not the bassett hound sniffing out a juicy bone. That's me with my once-a-year cold.

Have you ever tried to kiss with a cold? Yuk! We automatically revert to an elaborate Eskimo style-type of the kiss. Like cheek to cheek thing with a smooch ending up somewhere between the ears and the air. Now this only works if just one of us has the hated cold because the other is scared silly of getting it, so we go to all this trouble of avoiding the germs the other one is carrying. (An elaborate explanation of no known worth, but there you have it.)

What causes me to get this once-a-year thing? Beats me. I blame it on, depending on my mood or the person I'm talking to:
1) the changing weather
2) getting wet from all the rain
3) Lack of rest

So, my final deduction of the whole matter? Runny noses (colds, of course!) and kissing go together like catsup and peanut butter. Like snow in July. Like hot chocolate and pickles. Get the idea?

(And since I'm suffering from one of those things right now, I'm gonna go. You can blame the above nonsense on that! Grin.)

Having trouble falling to sleep, or staying there? Here are four hints in creating sounder sleep; try them, see if they work

1) Establish a routine. Hard to do, but important. It allows your body to know what to expect.

2) Skip the afternoon caffeine. It can interfere with your body reaching its deepest stage of sleep.

3) Get moving. Uh oh! Exercise is the only proven way to prolong deep sleep! Yeah, you heard that right. Don't work out within three hours of bedtime, otherwise, any time is fine.

4) Keep it cool. Set your bedroom to 65 degrees, the body's best sleeping temperature.

Now for a nice long snooze! Hmmm!

Down the dark future, through long generations, the echoing sounds grow fainter and then cease; and like a bell with solemn, sweet vibrations, I hear once more the voice of Christ say, "Peace!" --Longfellow



yumanbing said...

I suspect that we get those nasty germs from shaking hands in church. In fact, I've sometimes carried a little bottle of hand sanitizer with me on Sunday mornings. Trouble is ... the alcohol smell of that stuff wafts throughout the whole building, and everyone knows you think they're germy!

Caroline said...

Oh, so right! Hubby always accuses me of being paranoid about that, but I think it does help! I'm always pulling out that stinky (but wonderful) bottle of hand sanitizer!
I tried the citrus smelling one, but didn't like it. Guess I'll stick with the smelly one. Grin!

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