Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Climbing That Mountain

Did you follow the story of the climbers who got stranded and died on the mountain right before Christmas? I did and kept thinking: they're experienced climbers. They've taken what they need to survive, they'll make it, they know the ropes. Hang on guys!

But they didn't make it.

Why did they climb that mountain? What made them do it? Risk their lives to climb to the top? What was it about mountain climbing that was so inspiring they risked everything to do it?

What do we do that is worth risking everything we have? Do we have goals that are that important? Aims that we shoot for? Desires that push us to our limit?

Most of us want our families and friends to know God and love him. Most of us want--if we don't already have it--financial security and rest about our immediate future. We want to be on good terms with those around us.

On a little lighter level, what desires, callings, goals--call it what you want--do we have that push us beyond the normal, to times of stress, but fulfillment?

Take my youngest son for example: he loves to ski. The thrill of flying down a mountain, the wind is his face, the feel of daring, the snow and mountain the only thing around. It's an inspiration to him. It makes him come alive, his face glowing, his spirits soaring.

What makes hubby love daring things? Heights and flying airplanes and strong machines with power. Things that cause the adrenalin to shoot through his veins. Activities that bring his emotions high. Danger.

What makes me risk dejection, depression, stress, hard work, rejection, and more hard work in my writing? Hope. Hope that someday I will succeed, I will be published, I will make it. That pressure inside that forces me to hop to it, type at the computer when I could be doing other things.

What do you want that is worth the risk?

Does cleaning your home bore you to tears? Try a few of these creative ideas to help make cleaning more bearable:

  • Call a friend on your cordless phone while folding laundry.
  • Listen to worship music or a book on tape while dusting or washing the windows.
  • Enlist help from family members by creating a game out of who can clean his or her room the fastest.
  • Grab your hubby or roommate to clean alongside you while you enjoy some quality chat time.
  • Play the alphabet game while you wash dishes with a family member—the first person comes up with a food beginning with "a," the next person thinks of a food beginning with "b," and so on.
  • Reward yourself with a mug of joe or bowl of ice cream for a job well done when you're through.


Every day under the sun is a gift. Receive it with eagerness. Treat it kindly. Share it with joy. Each night return it to the Giver who will make it bright and shiny again before the next sunrise.


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