Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Odd Characters

You read books, don't you? Ever think about the characters you read about? Here are some I've read (enjoyed and despised!)

The girl bondperson--Stephanie--who's a coward and has a hamster for a pet.

The everyday woman--Annie--who's always thrown into solving mysteries and battles a rebellious drug-using son.

Christy--young and ambitious--out to change the world, who gets sick the first time she sees something disgusting.

What about the girl in Hawaii who has a pet dolphin?

What about Spencer who's suppose to be tough and rough--but has a soft spot for cooking and his pet Pearl?

Read about the older woman who travels about the country in an RV by herself?

Read about the young woman who lives alone in the Alaskan wilderness with 40 some dogs?

Heard about the amateur sleuth who loves mysteries so much she has an all-mystery bookstore and a black cat?

How about the former newspaper man who inherited money, solves mysteries, & insists his cat, KoKo, knows when there's been a murder?

The older minister who runs from his neighbor's interest, but finally marries her in his sixties?

The out-of-work middleager who catsits?

Mr. Scrooge who'd rather freeze than spend a penny?

Little Heidi who gets ill if not in her beloved mountains?

Jupiter's club in a junkyard.

Last, but not least! Tara, who has a pet mouse. Read it? You mean you haven't? Go out right now and demand from your bookstores that they demand from the publishing houses that they demand to print my novel!

Are you a garage (yard) sale junkie? Always looking for something cheap that can be made into something unique, valuable, or resaleable? Found an old table that you love, but on a shoestring budget? Try these hints:

1) Don't waste your time buying particle-board furniture. Can't be refinished!

2) To refinish a table: Sand lightly, paint an interesting color. Or try some new faux finishes: antique, decoupage, or be inventive with squiggles, stripes, dots, or whatever you like!

3) Found a table with great legs, but top is awful? Buy a mirror to fit the top.

4) Or . . . use postcards, greeting cards, pictures of your family, flowers, or other pictures to cover the table top. Cover with glass for a unique personalized table!

5) Use ceremic tile. Arrange in a mosaic style, grout, use a strip of molding around the edge to keep them in place. Let dry, then wipe the grout with a cloth.

You might decide to keep your "new" table!

Good friends reveal themselves slowly, in the shimmer and shadow of living . . .in the years of shared experience.


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