Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Someone once said: What goes around comes around.

Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you've never been hurt.
Dance like nobody's watching.
Sing like nobody's listening.
Live like it's Heaven on Earth.

I was complaining yesterday to my mother. Seems like
everytime hubby and I try to do extra or give something
special . . . we suffer a reverse. Now is my feeling
justified or not?

Or is that some other force working, my imagination, or
happenstance? (an old-fashion word for you!)

Does life have a way of even-ing things out? Do I suffer
because someone wishes it on me or because they've suffered?
Is it true that what goes around comes around? Will I get
what I wish on someone else?

Superstition? God's plan? Life in general?

I heard someone wishing hurt on others (the other day) because
these people hadn't behaved how the one person thought they
should have. Will it happen that way?

Can we--those of us who trust in a sovereign God--not believe
that God has a perfect plan--not our idea of one--for us? That
if we go through valleys (where the lilies are!) they'll be a
beautiful mountain top with the sun shining somewhere?

Platitudes? Naaah!

I kind of like to think God planned life that way. Sometimes
we have some hard times, some easy times.

We had a great business opportunity just last week. Shouldn't
that cancel out the effects of some reverse situations? Maybe.

I had lunch with a friend yesterday. Shouldn't that cancel out
the feeling of loneliness? Temporarily.

Today, I'm trying to do a decent day of work. Will that cancel
out yesterday's day of laziness? or tiredness? Hmmm.

Tonight, I may hear the rain patters on our metal roof. Will
that make me forget all those dry summers? Possibly

If only I could remember the ditty above to work, love, sing,
dance and live today as I should.

Want some way to get rid of the pests in your house? (Sorry, I didn't mean your kids or hubby! Smile . . .) Try these hints:

. Wash the area of the ant's trail to prevent others from following; sprinkle boric acid (obtained in hardware stores) along the line of entry.

To prevent flea infestations, feed pet tablet of brewers yeast and garlic. Bathe dogs regularly during flea season and use a flea comb on your cat or dog. Vacuum furniture and carpet thoroughly and frequently (store vacuum outside of home - in shed or garage, for instance - during problem periods); clean your pet's favorite sleeping spots regularly and sprinkle with fennel or rosemary.

To prevent moths from feasting on your clothing and woolens, keep them clean and store in a cedar chest. Or place sachets made of cedar chips or lavender in your closets.

Set out a dish containing equal parts sugar and baking soda (the sugar attracts and the baking soda eliminates)

Eating lunch with a friend. Trying to do a decent day's work. Hearing the rain patter against the window. There is no event so commonplace but that God is present within it, always hiddenly, always leaving you room to recognize Him or not to recognize Him. -- Frederich Buechner



yumanbing said...

Those are some thought-provoking comments.
Whenever I feel as though the world/people/fate/God/karma are reacting toward me or against me, I have to remind myself that's merely ego-centric thinking. I'm not the center of the universe. It's really not about me!

Caroline said...

Amen. But it's so hard not to revolve around little ole me! Laugh.
I guess I'm basically selfish. Ouch! The older I get the more I think I have time for what I'm interested in. (Telling on myself!)

But what you said is true--if only I could do it!

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