Monday, April 02, 2007

This and That . . .

Meaning--this and that! Today's going to be a hodpodge of miscellaneous things. Too boring? Hope not!

Big A.
What a glorious day yesterday was! After a morning enjoying an encouraging message, we entertained our family and a friend with a old-fashion Sunday meal (lasagna, cole slaw, and homemade bread. Apple pie for dessert), because hubby and I'll be in Virginia next week enjoying someone else's cooking and won't be cooking for anyone!

Later on, hubby and I sat on our deck by my garden pond. He read the first chapter of Charlie Seymour's "Spirit of the West" book which we discussed. While he read, I watched our dogs rough housing, petted Simon (a siamese)--one of my spoiled cats, gazed at our hills and valleys. We both loved watching our special birds of the spring--our red-tailed hawks. They were being very protective of their eggs--chasing away other birds and screeching their unique cries into our air space.

Cultivated Tulip - Floriade 2005, Canberra

Cultivated Tulip

Oh, yeah, we checked my "insisting-on-popping-out-of-the-ground" flowers and plants. My Bradford Pear trees are in a white cloudy bloom, my hyacinths are showing off their colors and scent, I had one beautiful white star-shaped bloom that I think is something I planted last year and can't remember its name. I'll check it out later. Liliacs and dogwoods, my cherry tree, and pond plants are threatening blooms and growing! Tulips are tall and ready to do their part in decorating my garden.

Later on that night, we had invited guests for a few hours and cherished our time together. Besides left-over lasagna, we had brownies (oh, yes! One of my favorite desserts!).

All in all, a wonderful, relaxing day. And for us, that doesn't happen very often.

Second B.
Don't forget to look back (if you haven't already) and read Deb Vogt's interview. She did such a fantastic job of answering questions, plus she has great potential for succeeding. I look anytime to hear that she's got that coveted book contract. Yeah! I'll be so proud . . .

Keep in your mind that Cindy Woodsmall has agreed to do an interview on an upcoming blog. She is newly published but a great writer. You'll want to run--and I mean, run!--out and get one of her books! And, she's promised to give away a signed copy of one of her books! Wow. That is an incentive.

Still-going C.
A blurb about Cindy's first book "When the Heart Cries."
Cindy is especially capable of writing this charming--yet anguish filled--book about the Amish. As a child, she had a very close Amish friend--their relationship caused both families some degree of nervousness: afraid that either girl might stray too near the "other" side.

In her book, Hannah Lapp wants to venture outside their order to marry. She knows the serious consequences, knows that her choice will change her life completely for the future. Yet the events that happen in the next few weeks cause Hannah's family, friends, and "to-be husband" to question her lies and life-style. Will Hannah eventually make the right choice?

Order it from any of the christian book sellers. WaterBrook Press is the publisher.

Daring D.
Mentioned it above, but wanted to reiterate: Hubby and I are going to Virginia for the rest of the week. Looking forward to it. Besides his ministry, walking, and visiting, and getting lots of writing done, will be on my agenda! I'm thinking I'll be blogging several times this week, so make sure you all check in . . .

Maintaining a pleasant yard or garden can be a lot of work. Try some of these helpful hints to make lawn and garden maintenance simpler:

1. Plant some marigolds around the entrance to your home to keep bugs away. They don't like the fragrance.

2. It is a good idea to plant onions, hot peppers, and herbs such as chives or garlic around the perimeter of your garden. The naturally strong, pungent aromas will help ward off pests.

3. Rainwater is best for plants because it contains more of the minerals plants need than tap water does, so collect rainwater and use it to water your flowers or garden on dry days. Water plants in the late afternoon or evening instead of during the brightest sunlight.

4. Do not sprinkle plant food granules over plants. Work them into the soil instead. Granules that remain on plants can cause leaves, stems, and buds to become dried out or scorched.

5. Disconnect your garden hose from the spigot after use, and drain any water that remains in the length of hose to avoid mildew and bacteria build up.

Yard and Garden

6. If you have a sandbox, cover it at night to keep neighborhood strays from using it as a litter box. Turn sand toys (and pool toys) upside down at night to drain excess water. This helps avoid mold, mildew, and bacteria growth on toys, and prevents water from sitting and becoming stagnant, which will attract mosquitoes.

7. If you don't have a shed, or if some of your lawn and garden tools remain outdoors for other reasons, turn those that may collect water upside down, or keep them covered, to avoid rust.

8. Give your children a dishpan filled with clean water to rinse their feet off each time they enter the wading pool. This will help keep the water cleaner by keeping grass and other debris out. It will also help you save water (and money), since you can rinse and refill the dishpan as needed, instead of refilling the pool.

Rainbows may also form in mist, such as that of a waterfall

"The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain." --Dolly Parton.


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