Thursday, May 31, 2007

Brownies, Dogs, and Choices

Yum! Is there anything better than a delicious chocolatey brownie? Love 'em filled with nuts, chewy or cakelike, icing-ed, or un. In fact, because I love them so-o-o much, I discipline myself . . . baked brownies only now and then. Laugh! So when friend Joyce offered brownies (as a bribe?) if I came with my hubby to a board meeting (ugh!), I tumbled.

Brownies--all I want--while visiting with a friend (attending the boring meeting wasn't required of me). Well, what more could a person ask for? We had a nice visit solving the world's (ours!) problems and discussing our lives and interests for a couple hours. Even got to carry some brownies home with me.

Thank you, Joyce!

Surprise! We've got us a new baby. A 70-some pound baby. A tri-color rough coated collie named Noah. And is he a baby! He thinks he's a lap dog!

I've always loved collies. I guess it came from the stories I read when a child. We read "Champ" and "Lad" and "Lassie Come Home" and other stories that stuck in our hearts. But after Sabre died last September, I thought "no more right now." We've got four dogs and that should be enough for now, even for a multiple acred mini-farm.

Molly -- a chow. Old and spoiled. We were asked to take her for an exgirlfriend of a son, who couldn't care for her anymore.

Mackie -- looks like he's part Boston Terrier. Cute as a button and thinks he runs the place. Found and adopted by Son No. 2, whose got a heart almost as soft as his mom's. How could I tell him no?

Penny -- adopted by hubby. Sigh. She's got papers, is an Irish Setter, untrained and beautiful.

Then you all've heard me tell the tale of Taffy. She adopted us, we have no clue where she came from even after searching. But we love this little look alike to a Jack Russell dearly.

Now, Noah. A big baby full grown collie, that has a tendency to get into fights with other male dogs even though he saw his surgeon early on in his life. Sigh. Is it his personality? Or what? Time will tell. Hopefully, we can work through this.

But no more dogs for now. Five is enough!

American Christian Fiction Writers conference registration begins tomorrow. Yeah! I spent all evening (traveling) trying to decide who and what I wanted for this conference. Want to make the right choices . . . with editors and agents.

Summer's the time to eat outside! I love using my grill. Here's a few grilling hints:
  • To test that your gas or charcoal grill is ready to cook on - just take a regular crescent shaped ice cube & place it on the grate. If it melts in 15-20 seconds - it's ready.
  • One of our favorite and easiest marinades is Zesty Italian salad dressing. Marinade any chicken cuts, turkey tenderloins, beef kabobs, fish fillets or pork chops in this dressing for 30 or more minutes before you put it on the grill.

Yesterday's trivia answer? 160 gallons! Wow.

An interesting trivia fact about Teresa Slack (our interview-ee for June): She loves cemetaries!

Quote: Success is one thing you can’t pay for. You buy it on the installment plan and make payments every day. -- Unknown


Joyce said...

You're welcome! I'm glad you enjoyed the brownies.I hope they helped you stay awake on that long trip home ! I was thinking of you and praying for you. I really enjoyed the visit too. It just wasn't quite long enough...... Hey, if I make you another batch of brownies...... would you come back again ?! (Smile)

Caroline said...

Laugh! Anything for a visit between sisters, huh? For now. . .it's gotta be email & my blog. S-o-r-r-y.

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