Thursday, May 10, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

Now I didn't say I was arrested for erratic driving. I haven't been rejected . . . lately. Nor cursed, insulted, ridiculed, or blackmailed . . . that I know of.

Nope, none of the above. Just tagged.

Blog-tagged to play "Eight Random Things" by my dear critique partner--Deb Vogts.
(Remember her? Interviewed last month? The one who was recently agented?)

So that means, today, you've gotta read (if you're my friend and reading this . . .) Eight Random Things about ME! Gulp. Big smile. Here they are:

Eight Random Things (about me, of course!)

1. My nickname when just a little tot was Sunny. (Is that why I love the word sunny?)

Green common beans on the plant

2. I positively, and definitely, and irrationally HATED picking green beans when a teenager. (but I sure like to eat them. Naturally.)

3. I wanted to be an airplane stewardness or a detective when in high school. (didn't become either one, but I can write about them now--better, and much more satisfying!)

4. I used my hands a lot, when a kid, and was trying to convey (word of mouth. Smile) my thoughts.

A chained book in the Bodleian Library at Oxford University

5. I didn't like studying much in high school, but now I love research. (Could that be because the teachers failed to teach me what interested me?)

6. I wanted to be like Jo in Little Women and have eight boys. (Changed my mind after two!)

7. My favorite food memory was when Mom would fix this hamburger sandwich creation with all sorts of things on it we loved. Then we'd put all sorts of trimmings on it and top it off with a yummy gravy over it. Weird? Delicious! A Friday night specialty we loved!

Cornell University cheerleader on a 1906 postcard

8. Being a cheerleader and screaming our lungs out with the lyrics about Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe!

So . . . here's who I've tagged: Miralee Ferrell Teresa Slack Cindy Woodsmall Jenness Walker Jude McCoy Cecelia Dowdy Sally Bradley
My Photo Friday Hmmm . . . guess who!

Some people do not have pleasant memories of their mothers. Here's a few ideas on healing and help for you:

1. Acknowledge that you need help.

  • Help to forgive the erring parent.
  • Help to sympathize with her situation.
  • Help with thanking her/him for giving you life.
  • Help with your own feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, or selfishness in not wanting him/her in your life now.

2. Next, let her/him back into your life emotionally if hot physically.

  • Realize and thank God for the gift of life you have.
  • Ask God to help you forgive her/him and to help you forget the past.
  • Try to realize that there were difficulties in his/her life that perhaps prodded them to behave as they did.

3. Lastly, speak the words outloud.
  • "Mother/Father, I honor you." Will the hurtful things from the past evaporate? Will the memories be erased? No. But with God's help you can bring a measure of peace and hope into your own life.

Examine and admit.
Ask for help.
Forgive and acknowledge your willingness.
That's the key to peace for YOU from a not-so-wonderful parent-past.

What did you say? You think you know the answer to yesterday's trivia question? Hmmm. If you guessed . . . "
The Big Dipper is a group of seven bright stars, three which form a handle and four which form a bowl" then you guessed right!

Today's question:
What type of trees yield the resin used to produce turpentine?

AND we have five contestants for the Mother's Day Contest! YEAH! Keep 'em coming. YOU might be the winner. Tomorrow's the last day. Tuesday, I'll announce the winner.

And don't forget to email your address to Donna Fleisher to get your free book!
donna at donnafleisher dot com

If your dream doesn't scare you, it's not big enough.
--Cathy Leckner



Sally said...

Oh, man, you tagged me on a good day! Mine is already up.

Caroline said...

I'll be sure to check yours out. Thks for playing!

Cindy Woodsmall said...

Hi, Carole!

I've answered eight random things on my Web site. Your quip on number six made me laugh out loud.

Catch you soon ~


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