Thursday, May 17, 2007

Memos and Sons

Are you tired of reading about Mothers? I hope not, 'cause I've got another one today, partly.

Years ago (ahem, maybe not quite that long ago!) I found this tribute to a woman. I gave it to my mother. I loved it then, and I still do. It's one of my favorite poems with a lot of truth in it. If only I could practice it! Sigh.

Memo for a Lady

Never say again you are old!
Have you considered how much longer
Ago the temple of Diana at Ephesus,
And even Venus? They are old.

And never say you're not attractive.
Remember that for us
Who look deeper than skin
And see your thought flowering
Goldenly as sunflowers, and more tall,
Hear your heart singing sometimes
And feel the warmth of its love,
And join in your laughter often,
You are beautiful.

--Elaine V. Emans


And just a peek at those creatures called sons. Aren't they wonderful? and awful! I wanted to share with you parts of their cards to me for Mother's Day. The verses were so precious and just fit with their personalities!
  • Son No. One's card: (on the front) God gave me a wonderful mother. (Oooch! Just like him to melt my heart before I'd even opened the thing! (On the inside it goes something like this:
When God chose you as my mother He knew you had wisdom I'd need, your words would guide me through life, you'd help me succeed. He knew you'd be devoted and the love that lived in your heart would make you the best mother for me.

Isn't that sweet? Abbreviated, but that's the gist of it.

  • Now take a gander at Son No. 2's card:
It means everything to have grown up in a home that was filled with love and faith in God. It's been a never-ending source of comfort and strength just knowing I'm your child.

Boys! Gotta love 'em. How did Jo March handle so many?

Are you energy conscious? Here are a few hints to help save water! Sure, you may already know them, but sometimes we need reminded. Consider this as your water reminder hint today! Smile.

  • Take a shower rather than a bath.
  • Collect rain water for use in the garden.
  • Don’t run the tap whilst cleaning your teeth.
  • Only boil as much water as you need when making drinks etc.

  • This is a fun trivia question; see if you know the answer!
    Some 45% of wives say their husbands snore. How many husbands will admit it: (a) 5%; (b) 15%; or (c) 25%?

    Fame is a bee, it has a song, it has a sting--ah, too, it has a wing. --Emily Dickinson

    Big blessings today!

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