Thursday, May 24, 2007

Where in the World Do You Get Your Ideas?

Huh? The world's filled with ideas. I have people all the time ask me that. E-a-s-y! That's what it is to come up with ideas. At least most of the times.

But one of my v-e-r-y favorite way is beginning with titles. Yep. That's it. I love coming up with, or hearing, or reading, or having it jump out at me . . . a title that sounds like it would make for interesting writing.

Take these suggestions:

Behind Door Number One (or Two, Ten, Thirteen, whatever)
Something Stupid
With Music in Their Hearts
The Jungle Path of Love
Raisins for Racy
Winners Take All
The Double-Minded Heart
A Spider Beside Her
All Fall Down
Really, Wily Willie

When you've got a title, you've got all sorts of possibilities in sight. The moon is the limit. Your imagination can run in many different directions.

What type of book do you think of when you read each of the above suggestions?

Take "Behind Door Number . . .": I immediately think of mystery, suspense. What is going on behind that door? A murder? A crime about to be committed? A detective and his personal life?

But then I can think of several other ways that title could be expanded . . . A love scene? A loving family on a snowy night sharing a meal together? A children's adventure story?

Would it be set in modern days or perhaps in a war-torn era? Would it be in historic New York? Or a country village? A spooky setting in a shabby village near a swamp?

Boundless opportunities.

Then, automatically, I think of romance when I read: Something Stupid, The Jungle Path of Love, or With Music in Their Hearts.

But . . . Something Stupid could be a children's story; a clumsy child who constantly wins the laughter of his peers by his "stupid" mistakes.

The Jungle Path of Love (I've actually started this one; grin) is a romance, but it's more. Missionary adventure with danger, is planned for this gem of a title.

With Music in Their Hearts is similar; romance, danger, history, and war is bound up in the pages of this novel--almost done!

So, if you're thinking of becoming a writer; try starting with a catchy title. Let your mind wander, let your imagination soar, and don't be afraid to listen to everyday conversation or things you read.

You just never know when you'll pick up something . . . interesting -- for your next work in progress (wip) (novel)! And it might be the next best seller. Yeah!

Hints! Hints! Hints! More to do with gardening.

  1. Put broken egg shells into a watering can, fill with water and leave overnight. This will extract the nutrients making an excellent and cheap plant feed.
  2. When planting morning glory seeds, the package directions indicate that you need to nick each one of the seeds to enhance germination. A quick and easy way to accomplish this is with a pair of fingernail clippers. Then place the seeds on a lightly dampened paper towel, fold the towel over and place inside a plastic zipper bag for a day or so before planting.
  3. To get rid of ants, locate their hill and sprinkle a liberal amount of talc powder around and on it. The ants dislike the talc and will move their colony several feet. Just continue sprinkling with the talc until the ants are moved to where you want them. Boiling water poured into/onto the nest also works quite well.

What's the answer to yesterday's trivia question? No one knows? Okay, it was
Christopher Columbus. Smile. Didn't research deep enough, did you?

What is reputed to be the oldest city in the world?

Though I have seen the oceans and mountains, though I have read great books and seen great works of art, though I have heard symphonies and tasted the best foods, there is nothing greater or more beautiful than those people I love. --Christopher de Vinck



Yumanbing said...

I think there are quite a few cities, especially in the middle east, who claim to be the oldest. My guess is Damascus.

Caroline said...

Man, am I glad that you're my bro! Now I know where I got (or is it: you Laugh)got your smarts from. You are so right! You & D.J. have a wonderful wkend.

Teresa Slack said...

First off, great tip about the egg shells. I had no idea. I will try that the next time I crack some eggs. Secondly, I like to look thru old song titles for titles that jump out at me. Some of the songs are pretty archaic so no one will mind if you snitch it. And if people do recognize an old title, more's the interest in the book. Look at Mary Higgins Clark. She uses nothing but old song titles. Did I mention I love most of her books, though I couldn't get into her new release, I've Heard that Song Before. Sorry Mary.

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