Friday, June 29, 2007

Going . . . going . . . Done!

I was in a creative mood last night. The inspiration flowed. I finished the last chapter and the epilogue in my second novel of the romance series! Yippeee!

Earlier in the week I wrote the next-to-last chapter, but wasn't sure about where I took it. I dithered, partially rewrote, and finally abandoned it, to just get on with it! Results: last night's work.

That doesn't mean I'm finished. Far from it. Major edits, cuts, additions, and critiques are still in store for the immediate future.

But that also doesn't mean I can't get on with my writing. Joy, joy.

Last night (sneaky, pleased grin here), I began the third romance in this series. Almost completed the first chapter and am tickled to death with where this story is going. I love the main character for starters. She's sassy, impulsive, clumsy, big-hearted, and homely. I hope she'll be lots of fun to write about!

She's entirely different from her two friends (from the two previous romances).
  • Toni was Italian, gentle, sweet, and too forgiving. She runs a construction business and fell in love (and married and adopted a baby girl) with a grouchy professor/writer.
  • Starli, on the other hand, appeared cold and blunt on the outside, but was generous and craving real love. Talented and beautiful, she had a major problem with trust until fun-loving Sir Joel--her new chef--appeared in her life.

Then I have a youth novel begun. I'm working on a cozy with a middle-aged couple. And I have several others started that I need to get back to. Not counting I really need to do some major work on the second in my Tara Layne and Hickory series suspense.

Anyone know of a way to add more hours in a day? Laugh.

There you have it. An update on my writing.

Today's hints (to make life easier) are sent in by friend Ann. Thank you, lady!
  • A sealed envelope: put in freezer for a few hours, then slide a knife under the flap. The envelope can then be resealed. Hmmm. Maybe I can use this trick in a mystery!
  • Empty toilet paper rolls: use to store appliance cords. Keeps them neat & you can write on the rolls to identify the cords.
  • Icy door steps: Put dishwashing detergent in warm water and pour over steps. Shouldn't refreeze. (Caution: test to be sure)
  • Old wax from a glass candle holder: put in freezer for a few hours. Take holder out and turn upside down. The wax should fall out.
  • Crayon marks on walls: apply a little baking soda to a damp rag. Should come off with little effort!

A quick reminder: coming up in July. Cindy Woodsmall's interview and a drawing for her newest book. Be sure to watch for it!


Living the truth in your heart without compromise brings kindness into the world. --18th Century Monk


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