Monday, June 11, 2007


We went to a wedding Saturday. It was beautiful--all red and white and black. I loved the attendants outfits! Red two pieces, with that ruffle that slashes up the skirt. Usually I don't care for two piece outfits, but these were gorgeous.

The ceremony was held in an old Methodist church--aisles not very wide. The bride could hardly maneuver down it with her hoops and long train. But she looked great, in spite of that.

I did notice with all the attendants turned sideways (you know how they all stand!) that Son No. 2's girlfriend had the only eyelashes that could be seen from the pews. And they're not fake. Doesn't mean anything to you, I know. But I kinda liked it.

With all that romance in the air, the word "love" came up in the young adult class I taught on Sunday. What is love? And how to define it.

Love has two primary meanings:

  • the first being an indication of adoration for another person or thing,
  • and the second being a state of relational status
Love is not easily defined!
  • People think they experience it
  • Songs are written about it
  • Philosophers talk of it
  • Ministers preach it
  • Books are written of it

How do we show God we REALLY love Him? How do we know we have a deep love for Him? The answer was easy. By obedience. When we love Him we want to do what pleases Him.

So is the love that we experience when we're teenagers the same kind of love that a couple has when they've lived together for 20 years or more? Is the love you feel for your pets the same kind of love you feel for your kids or family? Just a different depth?

Does love fade and dwindle away from boredom after seven years of marriage? Is the tingling sensation gone when you touch his fingers as you pass the turkey platter? When you hold a songbook together? Do you enjoy sharing a secret glance together when only you two know what the look is about? Is it still fun to hold hands? Is your idea of fun a date with your wife? Your hubby?

The traditional Chinese character for love (愛) consists of a heart (心, in the middle) inside of "accept", "feel", or "perceive", which shows a graceful emotion.

Chinese symbol of lovel.
From a teenager with their "puppy love" feelings, to a newly wed who thinks they'll never experience anything deeper than the emotion they're feeling standing in front of the officiating person, to an older couple who've gone through trials and hardships and life together and still hurt when their companion hurts, what is love?

That first feeling of love enters a child's heart--albeit it's a selfish love--when they adore their parents or caretakers. As they enter into teen years their world expands--still selfishly--to include someone who can absorb their heart-throbbing emotions. A few more years with schooling and a little more of life--gives them the maturity (let's hope) to responsibility choose someone who can and will share the rest of their life. All previous experiences of loving and being loved has led them to this place. What happens then will no doubt be a product of what happened previously in their lives. (Sometimes, but not always).

A Bride in a White Wedding dress

If all things go well (between the couple), they will sail (and battle) through the rough seas of life. Temptations, financial worries possibly, sicknesses, stress, loss of jobs, and other not-sought-for events will cause upheaval. Whether a couple survives depends on many things. If they do, it will be, no doubt, some what because of their tenacious grip on their determination to make it.

Sigh. It sounds like such a vaporous thing to do all that work for! Enough philosophizing . . .

Dum ta dum dum . . . Contest begins tomorrow!

Trivia Question:

How many flowers does it take to make one tablespoon of honey? (The poor bees!)

Today's quote comes from Garrison Kellor's
"Good Poem's for Hard Times" he compliled. Enjoy!

I asked how can you ever be sure that what you write
is really any good at all.

And he said you can't.
You can't; you can never be sure.
You die without knowing
whether anything you write was any good.
If you have to be sure, don't write.


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