Friday, July 27, 2007

The Lazy Hazy Days of Summer

My favorite parts of summer?
  • outings with family
  • my garden
  • my garden pond
  • mists (morning mists this morning from the heavy storm we received last night)
  • rainbows (saw one last night--a double one in fact. Gorgeous, with both ends touching the ground.)
  • flowers, flowers, and more flowers.
  • outdoor activities--walking, camping, bird watching, boating and fishing
  • fireworks!
  • later hours to write (Big smile!)
  • campfires
  • campfire foods: melty, gooey marshmallows, smoke-filled hamburgers, fresh tomatoes, corn, and potatoes, my sil's baked beans, hotdogs-cooked just right with my homemade sauce! (yum!)
  • the refreshing atmosphere after a severe storm
  • more time to write (ooops, did I already mention that?)
  • sitting on my deck and watching the trees around me move in the breeze
  • reading a book with hubby on my deck
  • writing down some good ideas for my next novel on my deck (tongue in cheek--got in another reference to writing!)
  • enjoying a neighborhood historical outdoor play with friends and family
  • the smells--rain, the perfume of a variety of flowers, smoke from the campfires, cut hay
  • dandelions (I love those small invasive things!)
  • city lights on a summer night
  • clover and wild flowers
  • my rocks
  • mystery hunts
  • ocean surf
  • caves
  • hot air ballooning
  • rock-strewn creeks
  • wading in shallow streams
  • grape arbors
  • swings (love to curl up in them and sleep!)
  • big open porches
  • no cold weather!
  • writing in the summer time! (smile)

Talking about picnics . . . why not plan a romantic one for your honey?
  • Choose a basket with some sophistication (no ratty ones, please!) Line it with a softly colored napkin. Choose goblets or nice glasses just for the two of you.
  • Find a great spot. Use your imagination. For example: A) Your own backyard. String lights in the trees. Create a canopy out of fabric, bring some pillows. Or B) Use a theme--Indian with saris, bright colors and curried dishes; Or Mexican, Italian, Chinese. C) A private balcony, if you live in an urban area. D) Rainy days or winter timed, lay a blanket out on your living room floor, or a covered porch. Arrange plants and candles. For any of these ideas, little flourishes of romance will add the finishing touch: flowers and music!
  • Plan a delicious meal--easy to transport and clean up after. Elegance is preferred--A French touch: cheese and fruit, fresh baked baguettes with grapes. Or a Mediterranean feast with tomato and basil bruschetta, tortellini salad and calamata olive spread with crackers or pita. Out of time? Drop by the store and pick up French bread, cheese, a rotisserie chicken and some favorite drinks. Or order from your favorite restaurant.
  • Surprise! The most romantic element of a picnic is often surprise. Show up at your husband's work at the end of the day with your picnic basket ready to go. Come home with a single rose and plans for the picnic ready. Or hide the ready-to-go basket & surprise him/her by "finding" it. Leave/send an invitation to her for the special time.

A fiery sunset, tiny pansies by the wayside, the sound of raindrops tapping on the roof. What an extraordinary delight to share simple wonders with someone you love!



sharen said...

Just wanted you to know I have been reading. We have been to Clinton camp so I'm just catching up. Very informative!! I still don't know where you come up with all this information.Your just full of information.
Plan on seeing you at camp either Friday night or Saturday morning.

Caroline said...

God helps me, altho (confession) sometimes I feel brain dead. LOL

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