Friday, July 20, 2007

Morning Mists and Romance

Light patches of mist on a cool morning in Australia

Light patches of mist on a cool morning
in Australia

I left the house early this morning and as I turned onto the main road, my gaze zeroed in on the mist in the distant valley. What a beautiful sight and one of my favorites!

What couldn't a writer do with that above scene?

I researched some about mists and found out a few facts:

  • What's the difference between a mist and a fog? the visibility. It's a fog if the visibility is one kilometre or less.
  • What's the difference between a mist and a haze? Seen from a distance, mists are bluish; hazes are brownish.
  • Where are mists seen most often? Around shores and water.
Fog is a cloud, but it differs from other clouds in that it touches the earth. The foggiest place in the world is Grand Banks off the island of Newfoundland, Canada.

Mist is a phenomenon of small droplets suspended in air. Scotch Mist refers to a light, steady drizzle, the name being typical of the Scottish penchant for understatement.

There are lots of different types of fog. Here's a few:

Radiation fog
Ground fog
Advection fog
Steam (evaporation) fog
Precipitation fog
Upslope fog
Valley fog
Ice fog
Freezing fog
Artificial fog
Garua fog
Hail fog

Fog Shadow of a tree

Fog Shadow of Sutro Tower

Fog on a Greek mountain.

Advection fog at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay.

Sunlight filters through a thin layer of fog on a crisp winter morning in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

I suppose that's why many different cultures hold strong religious and superstitious associations with fog and mists.

Spooky, mystical, haunting, lonely, scary, romantic, beautiful.

  • What couple wouldn't want to take a romantic walk over those hills in the first picture of this blog?
  • What person wouldn't be scared silly with someone after them in a fog (or mist) like on that Greek mountain?
  • What person wouldn't be lonely in a cabin surrounded by fog day after day with no human contact?
Acch! Let me grab my pencil; I've got an idea for a new novel!

May your hours of reminiscence be filled with days of good cheer and weeks of pleasant memories.


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