Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Complexity versus Simplicity

Complexity: an assemblage of units; an integration of impluses, ideas and emotions that strongly influence an individual's attitudes and behavior. Difficult to analyze, solve or understand.

Simplicity: Freedom from subtlety and embellishment.

Sun and moon
Darkness and lightness

That's hubby and me. As much as I'd like to claim it, I am not complex. (At least not in the normal sense. Smile) It bores me to tears to figure things out. My method of learning is by showing (or doing) and not telling. The instruction booklet is there in that box as extra padding. If I can't plug in the product and use it, then I call for help.

I suppose that's why I turned up my nose at the thought of more schooling in computer technology science when asked to consider it. Who, me? Thanks, but no thanks! I don't want to die an early death in total boredom!

Hubby: he needs to remember something. Excuse me, he wants to remember something. The second time he says to me, "You remember . . . (trying to refresh my memory)," I'm ready to scream. I can not remember what happened six months ago when talking to some vague person that I don't even remember their name, alone the conversation.

Not so, Mr. X-Ray Mind. He will not quit until he remembers (and in detail!) what he wanted to remember. Many times, I'm drifting off to sleep and he'll murmur (not sweet nothings. Frown!) "It was such and such." or "It was so and so."

He remembered.

We listen to book tapes when traveling many times. While it is running, he gives me a detailed commentary on why or who is the culprit. And more times than not, he turns out to be correct.

Now, me. Give me my computer, books, some quiet, and a thought, and I'm happy. Un-complex, un-complicated. Simple and quiet.


Wanna make your home homier?
  • Make your entrance sharper, more attractive. New door hardward (or at least clean & polish existing), new paint on door, new welcome mat, plants, plants, plants!
  • Get rid of clutter. Clear it out, clean up, and get rid of. One room at a time. Easiest way to say it!
  • Less is more. Don't have wall to wall furniture. a few attractive, interesting pieces is best!
  • Float your furniture. Get it away from the walls. Your room will seem bigger when you reposition those two chairs and a stand into a cozy, conversational group.
  • I can hear the men groaning on this one, but mix up your furniture. Change positions. Wonderful way to lift the spirits.
  • Have a room filled with junk? Get rid of it and use it for a spare bedroom or a cozy reading area. Add a few gym pieces and you've got your new exercise room.
  • Shudder: get rid of those heavy drapes. Let the light in with airy curtains or none!
More tomorrow. Maybe.

Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment. --Jim Horning



Yumanbing said...

I agree. The simpler, the better. (Or as they say: "Eschew obfuscation".)

Caroline said...

Whatever that means! Laugh. Uh hum. . . the older I get, the simpler I like.

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