Friday, August 24, 2007

If I Had My Life to Live Over--Part 2

Well, I've really had to think about this. For the most part, I'm fairly satisfied with my life. I think. Here's a few things I might have done differently:

  • Picked up my novel writing a little earlier and quicker--been more serious about it.
  • Thumbed my nose at all those trying to tell me how to raise my boys (& I mean this in a good way. Such as: they're too ornery. They should do this. They should do that. Baloney! They were boys after all.)
  • Sold everything and gone to live deep in a forest somewhere.
  • Lost weight after son #2's birth, and kept it off.
  • I wouldn't have asked some people to be in my wedding that I did ask just because I didn't want to offend someone.
  • Kept my 69, souped-up mustang, regardless of its flaws!

I think it's a serious thing to look back and wish you'd done things differently. Or that your life had taken a different turn. You only have one shot at this business of living. Youngin's, you'd better make the best of it the first time around. Oldsters, if you're in that wishing class, just be glad you realize it now, and work to make the rest of your life the best that you can.

Not, materially (although that could be included), but spiritually, mentally, and physically.

I want to run my own personal race with MY goals before me. Hopefully, I can attain them.

Here are a few tips that'll keep your cooking light (low fat), but moist:
  • Substitute 1/3 of your butter or oil with applesauce. (Or use same amount of prunes for chocolate desserts) (or pureed pumpkin in muffins and cakes)
  • Sprinkle chocolate chips or nuts on top of baked goods to get the taste in every bite, but you can ultimately use less!
  • Use cooking spray & non-stick pans instead of shortening or butter to grease pans.
  • Use: 1% instead of whole milk; egg whites for whole eggs; light cream cheese for regular.
  • Make your favorite treats in smaller portions (e.g. mini muffin tins instead of the regular size.

Spirit is the journey, body is the bus, I am the driver from dusk to dusk. Spirit is the story, body is the book, I am the writer, together we go. --Johnny Clegg


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