Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Still Bouncing!

ACFW conference was totally awesome! On my writing group loop they're commenting on all the things they learned while there (or from those who went). Here's my list for you to scan over! Grin.
  1. Sometimes you don't make the right choices. The car we chose to drive gave us trouble. Why? have no idea. Can't see any reason why God allowed it. Made our trip longer. Good thing we don't know all, huh? Might not have wanted to know the reason!
  2. Sometimes you don't make the right choices. That's right. I already said that! But it goes for choosing agents, too. Don't really think the agent I talked to and I got off on the right wave length, but who knows? Maybe I should have followed my instincts . . .
  3. Editors are people. Yeah, they really are. My editor choice this year was a tough one, but from get-go, we tuned in together. AND I got another invitation to submit a proposal! Yeah! That's another step in the right direction. Someday, I'll get there.
  4. Things turn around. Sometimes you think something isn't working when it really is. We get to choose tables to sit at for meals (they're hosted by different agents and editors and others). One I chose for a meal didn't seem to be working out, but at the last minute, did.
  5. Writers are nice people. Of course, I'm prejudiced, but it could be I'm right, too! Met some new friends and talked to some old ones.
  6. I'm almost there! Had this reaffirmed once again. My paid critiquer said that. Make a few logistical corrections and . . . Closer, people, closer. I can almost feel that contract!
  7. I've got a really super hubby!I How many husbands fuss at the time a writer spends at the computer, traveling, researching, money spent out (this is a business, you know!), and all sorts of other things. NOT mine. He's so great to take the time to go with me. Love that guy!
  8. Learned some things . . . classes and information, and chats, and meetings, invitations, opportunities, and all kinds of things . . . all part of the learning process in writing.
I'm so grateful for this once-a-year opportunity. Thanks to all who prayed for me. Now to work to take advantage of all these invitations!

Hints to help keep you safe:
  • When driving, don't line your car up with the one next to you so that your doors are parellel. Stagger your car's position.
  • Don't make eye contact.
  • Try your best to time your arrival at a light so that you can coast on through. Don't stop unless you have to.
  • Consider taking some kind of protection training with attributes.

The only thing that can beat fear is the confidence gained from experience.


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