Monday, February 18, 2008

I Am Loved

How do you feel when someone says, "I love you"?
How do you feel when someone does something to make you feel loved?

Fuzzy with happiness?
Delighted to return the words or actions?
Cool? Awesome? Bad?

Whatever current words describe your feelings, it's plain ole wonderful to know someone cares enough to say the words or show the action.

I've felt loved recently.
  • Friends have verified they're faithful.
  • A wonderful bro and wife sent a card to tell me I'm loved!
  • Son number two called me twice just recently called on the phone and said the magic words.
  • Son number one worked hard to get a certain program on my computer.
  • Someone sent me a cute little email; gave me a big smile all day.
  • Hubby gave me the darlingest little cake for valentine's day.
  • And he also touched his hat in a gesture that had me almost swooning with delight!
  • Some friends sent me a card with little messages of love on it.
  • Emails with funny-making-you-laugh messages.
  • Emails with serious-making-you-think messages.
  • An email from a critique partner who told me my cozy characters were fabulous & quirky, just right for a cozy!

So, yes, I'm feeling good tonight.
I feel loved!

Though I have seen the oceans and mountains,
though I have read great books and seen great works of art,
though I have heard symphonies and tasted the best . . . foods,
there is nothing greater or more beautiful than those people I love.

--Christopher de Vinck


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