Saturday, March 22, 2008

Ohio Meeting

I went to my first (but the ACFW Ohio second meeting) today. What fun. Tiffany Colter did a great job of inspiring us to really think and plan about our writing being a business. Set our goals, shoot for them, and do the adjusting we need to, but at least do something. Get somewhere.

Loved seeing old friends and meeting some new ones and Lisa did a great job of hosting us with lots of delicious snacks and drinks.

We left home with a drop in temperature but no snow. By the time we reached the meeting destination, we were in for what looked like a snow storm. But . . . fortunately that promise didn't materialize.

We made it home safely, thank God. Tired, but happy and looking forward to a fun and productive time in April when we get the tremendous privilege of visiting a publishing house. Yeah! Can't wait.

Just thought I'd stop in and record some new writing developments . . . maybe more some other time.

See ya later!

Love this quote:
Every path has its puddle. --English proverb

What's yours?


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Your Coach for the Journey, Tiffany Colter said...


I'm thrilled you had fun and learned something. I had such a wonderful time meeting all the ACFW Ohio people and hope to come down again sometime [maybe the April meeting at the pub house]

I wish I could have spent even more time chatting and getting to know all of you. I slid in to the seat my mom saved for me at church just as my girls took the stage. Whew!!

Focus on your dream and keep your eyes ahead.

Your coach for the journey!
Tiffany Colter

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